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ffayth at Parco next Next…

15 Apr

da tang~! This is how we look like at Parco next NEXT…^^v

The decoration is done according to the inspiration of the collection, amusement park. It is also for the happy opening and official launch on Saturday, 16 April. XD

We gonna change the decoration each time when we launch new collection. Hahaha..gonna have so much fun doing all the artworks…but we enjoy it…

Come visit us when you are nearby Millenia Walk..we are at Parco second level, Parco next NEXT. =D

==== updated ====

we had help from Japan Parco for the Visual Merchandising. After they had re arranged the display for us, we are looking so much better now. XD So again, come visit us at Parco next Next 1030am-930pm daily.

Thank you Miss Fukuda, Mr Yoshinori and a cute assistant.