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spring/ summer twenty eleven –…

27 Apr

We have our digital look book online….XD….

click to view...


ffayth at Parco next Next…

15 Apr

da tang~! This is how we look like at Parco next NEXT…^^v

The decoration is done according to the inspiration of the collection, amusement park. It is also for the happy opening and official launch on Saturday, 16 April. XD

We gonna change the decoration each time when we launch new collection. Hahaha..gonna have so much fun doing all the artworks…but we enjoy it…

Come visit us when you are nearby Millenia Walk..we are at Parco second level, Parco next NEXT. =D

==== updated ====

we had help from Japan Parco for the Visual Merchandising. After they had re arranged the display for us, we are looking so much better now. XD So again, come visit us at Parco next Next 1030am-930pm daily.

Thank you Miss Fukuda, Mr Yoshinori and a cute assistant.

campaign shoot…behind the scenes…

13 Apr

we had fun during the photo shoot…XD…

thank you, Jimmy from Jimborange for the wonderful photos…

thank you, Eve and Noel for the studio, Photo Studio AT 520 Balestier Rd…

thank you, mysterious rabbit for being a great model…^^b


ta dang…

20 Jan

Photo Courtesy by iWeekly no 690

Photo Courtesy by iWeekly no 690

ffayth is in iWeekly~

thanks Fong Fan for the lovely photo shoot…=D

Hansel Birthday/ Opening Party at Mandarin Gallery…

7 Dec

Well, wonder where to go on Friday night and what to do?

Normally I would hang out with love ones to chill out or snug myself on sofa and just stare at TV to empty my head from the numerous things on the to-do list. But last Friday, I dressed up and get myself to the most crowd place in Singapore – Orchard, to attend Hansel birthday/ opening party.

Yes, Hansel has turned 7 this year and found herself a new home at Mandarin Gallery #02-14. \^0^/

Before I have step into the boutique, I have already noticed that it has something different that stands out from the other boutiques and got my attention. Not the crowd that was there to attend the party but its decoration.

Notice that? The decorations in Hansel shop is all hand-drawn. XD From the wall to the ceiling, from the window display to the table placement, Jo even hand drawn some props for the guests to take photos with…how sweet~

Beside the collection “Lily the Lady” that is on the sales floor. Hansel also introduced accessories by various designers that compliments the garments. It is sort of a one-stop boutique where you can get everything to dress yourself up. =D

Well, Christmas is coming…time to shop~!

the Run of the year…

6 Dec

It was certainly one of the major events in my calendar, and I have been preparing for it but it was only mental preparation. =p

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore has successfully ended yesterday with bright shinny sun and exhausted runners that includes me. XD

I have took part in the 10km run. Woke up extremely early, it was probably the only day I wake up this early. Prior that, I had insomnia before the run…I was feeling nervous?! haha…

Reaching Cityhall MRT station and the first thing I saw when I exit the train was blue. Haha..ya..Blue. That was the color of the runners’ tee this year.

It was nice to see so many people take up the race. Even it was not for the prize but at least once a year, you wake up early to exercise, enjoy the fresh air and probably see the sunrise. =) I am glad that I did not back up as I did not train at all, and I was worried that I would end up be the last few to reach the finished line. But I told myself to be a good finisher since I have signed up, so even if I would have to walk the whole 10km, I would do it. ^^v

I had started the race late because of the bag deposit. =\ However, there were too many people that they had to separate us into different wave to set off. Thus, I was one hour late.

I have to say that the emcee did a good job to cheer us up before we start to run. *clap clap… Even he had no platform to stand, but he stood tall to look at us and crack jokes. Hahaha…

Sooo..I ran the first 2km, and then I ran abit here and there. There were three up and down slopes, the most difficult one was to “climb up” the ECP Benjamin Sheares Bridge. Most of us had to walked up because it was the merged for all runners from full marathon, half marathon and 10km runners, there were too many of us. Also, the up was totally draining. Haha I know it was worst for the full and half marathon. I heard from my friend who took part in 21km, they were already drained in the Sentosa as there are many up and down slopes, and that was their first 9km. >///<

The sun was totally unmerciful, it literally cooked us. =p I got sun burnt on my both shoulders, arms and the neck. Buuuttt I am proud of myself because I have out done myself by running 10minutes faster than 2008. ^^v

Today, I am still recovering from muscle ache and sun burn. It was all worth it. I have complete my 2010 with the marathon, and I like that. I am thinking to get all, or at least, some of the Parco incubators to run together next year. XD Well, time to get out of the drawings and sewing and get our legs moving and shower in the sunshine…XD

This year, SC gave us another piece of tag to write something inspiring for the fellow runners. Seriously, those words kept me accompany and happy during the tired, painful yet enjoyable race. Well done runner and thank you!

P.S We had a Pikachu, a snowman and the vikings to run with us this year. I have to kudos to them because the weather was so hot, the running was not easy yet they dress up and completed the race. Well done~! Hope to see you next year…XD…

Parco next NEXT! Phenomena…

2 Dec

It was almost two month’s hard work, and a week or two’s sleepless nights, panda eyes, pimples and da-tang…the fashion show on last Friday (26 November 2010) was a success~! =D

Although the weather did not look too good days before the fashion show, even on the day itself was raining in the afternoon. But God seriously did us a favour of clearing the sky and give us night breeze for the show. ^^b

Please forgive me for not being able to tell you about it before the fashion show. I too, hope that I have a few more pairs of hands to do more things in the same time. >///<

And a BIG Thank you for all who came to support us and cheer me through MSN, facebook, twitter, SMS, whatsapp and by pigeons..XD

*runway photos courtesy by Eve and Jimmy..=D