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its DIY time again…

23 Dec

Christmas is coming and I have made this little Christmas Tree to be as a brooch, a hair accessory or a handphone accessory…

If you want to have this, you can email me at with your contact, and how you want it to be (as in either a brooch, a hair pin, a hair band or a handphone accessory).

It is 6.5cm x 7cm.


Brooch $8

Hair pin $8

Hairband $10

Handphone accessory $8

Postage will be an additional charge, and Meet up is at East side MRT.


so i was…

7 Dec

So I was stuck with designs, then I decide to put down everything that I was doing…and I created this new headpiece…


It is made of white felt, blue and red chiffon plus stitches that goes round and round. Last bu the least, the hairband. =)

它的材料是 白色的不織布,紅和藍的雪紡 車上一圈一圈的的線。 最後 放上髮挎 就是了。