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thankx u…

30 Mar


ffayth spring/ summer 2011 campaign shoot is done!
photos will be up soon…stay tune…^^v


its DIY time again…

23 Dec

Christmas is coming and I have made this little Christmas Tree to be as a brooch, a hair accessory or a handphone accessory…

If you want to have this, you can email me at with your contact, and how you want it to be (as in either a brooch, a hair pin, a hair band or a handphone accessory).

It is 6.5cm x 7cm.


Brooch $8

Hair pin $8

Hairband $10

Handphone accessory $8

Postage will be an additional charge, and Meet up is at East side MRT.

so i was…

7 Dec

So I was stuck with designs, then I decide to put down everything that I was doing…and I created this new headpiece…


It is made of white felt, blue and red chiffon plus stitches that goes round and round. Last bu the least, the hairband. =)

它的材料是 白色的不織布,紅和藍的雪紡 車上一圈一圈的的線。 最後 放上髮挎 就是了。

big bags…

30 Nov

Big Bags are always my favorite. I can simply dump everything in it, without carrying many bags and do not need to worry if I will lost anything.

After graduation, when I was packing my house. I realised that I own a huge amount of fabric. It will be a waste if I throw them away, and if I would to donate to Salvation Army, I do not think they would know what to do with it. So, the best solution is to make them useful~!

And…Da Tang~! Here is a bag that I made for myself. (Click the photos below to see larger view)

This bag is made of Canvas, printed with Big Grey Polka Dots, and sewn with Orange and Red Threads. It is 65 x 52 x 12 cm, and has two different length of straps.

If any of you is interested to get one, you can leave a comment or email me at with your contact.

I love to be unique and different. So you will not see another person carrying the same bag as you, even I will not have the same bag.

More to come, do come back to see. =D


23 Nov

Who says only ladies can own diamonds?

Blue for Boys, Orange for Girls

These two glamorous diamonds are for the kids at a care centre. They were drawn on the t-shirts for their dance performance. =)

namecard making in process…

10 Nov


…would you like to have one? =)