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it is friday…

13 May

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well..what is more to say?…XD…it is friday~!…enjoy ur weekend..and it is Audi Fashion Week(end)…have you got yourself a ticket to see any fashion show?…or are you going to the flea market at zouk this sunday?..

check out Audi Fashion Festival for various fashion activities that is going on in this week (13 – 19 may).

by the way, we gonna have new designs coming. sooo….watch out for our new post for the updates, or leave us your name and contact/ email in the comments (psstt..if u wanna keep it low, you can email us at with your information too…=p). we would like to befriend you and keep you in contact for all the ffayth news and updates. ^^v

alright, have a good weekend people..and…do drop by Parco next Next at Millenia Walk…come say “Hi…” to us..^0^/


phew…it is weekend again…

7 May

hey it is the weekend again~!! and today is a joyful day….coz…today i m taking a break from my work…

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wheee…let’s do some silly dance and relax…XD

…and tomorrow is a day when we salute our dearest mother….^^b

Mummy, you have been working so hard for us…thank you for all that you have done~! 辛苦了…媽媽 我們愛妳喔..q–(^3^)–p

of coz we don’t just love her for this day only, we love her for every day..every moment and every minute…^^v

so please go grab your mother….hold her in your arms…and stare right into her eyes..@.@…and tell her…how much you love her…okiiee?..=D

are you happy?…

20 Apr

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today is the mid week, and are you happy?

i am sure you are…because i am happy. XD

here is a check list for you. if you are not happy, do something. =p

life is short, be happy~!

if you think you can, you can…

16 Apr

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Hahahaha..I laughed~! But it is a good illustration to believe that you can do it if you think you can..!

cupcake how to…

15 Apr

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XD nono…i don’t know how to make cupcake..but i would love to know how to make…sometimes, it is the know-how that excites me..but when comes to do….hhmmm….maybe next time….=p

please pardon us…

13 Apr

please pardon us for not updating the blog often.

one good news is that, we have start retailing at Parco next Next, Parco Marina Bay second level…

where are we...

you can take circle line alight at promenade which Parco is just right next to it. Alternatively, you can take mrt to cityhall and walk through esplanade exchange to suntec or marina square then to millenia walk. =) we would love love to see you there, don’t forget to “Hi..” us…

one bad news is that, we are still busy busy busy…>///<

all of the garments are silk screen print/ free hand embroidery by hand, and we have miscalculated the time we need for all the hand work. hence, we are still working hard to finish all printings.

bear with us…we promise to have regular updates after we regulate our times…XD…

thank you for visiting our site. we are also on facebook “ffayth” and twitter “@thisisffayth“. do like/ follow us for every big small things happening with ffayth. ^^v see you…

the super m…

24 Mar

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