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ta dang…

20 Jan

Photo Courtesy by iWeekly no 690

Photo Courtesy by iWeekly no 690

ffayth is in iWeekly~

thanks Fong Fan for the lovely photo shoot…=D


Parco next NEXT! Phenomena…

2 Dec

It was almost two month’s hard work, and a week or two’s sleepless nights, panda eyes, pimples and da-tang…the fashion show on last Friday (26 November 2010) was a success~! =D

Although the weather did not look too good days before the fashion show, even on the day itself was raining in the afternoon. But God seriously did us a favour of clearing the sky and give us night breeze for the show. ^^b

Please forgive me for not being able to tell you about it before the fashion show. I too, hope that I have a few more pairs of hands to do more things in the same time. >///<

And a BIG Thank you for all who came to support us and cheer me through MSN, facebook, twitter, SMS, whatsapp and by pigeons..XD

*runway photos courtesy by Eve and Jimmy..=D

enjoy the carnival of life…

30 Nov

C’est Chouette is To Have Fun in French. It is also the name for my BA(Hons) Fashion Collection.

This collection is inspired by Amusement Park where we never fail to have fun and be a child for one day. Carousel, Ferris Wheel and Roller Coaster, we scream and laugh as we ride them.

It is a casual collection, simple garments with textile design.

Yes, textile design! That is my major. All fabrics are printed, pleated, stitched…basically, they are treated before they are assembled into a piece of garment.

(In this collection, all fabric used are plain white fabric. All graphics are printed or stitched.)

The collection does not stop here. There are more to design, more to sew. ffayth is hence birth forth to carry the joy and laughter of life.

If you are interested to get any of the tops, shorts, 3/4 pants or dresses, do email me at I will tailor made a new piece for you. =D