phew…it is weekend again…

7 May

hey it is the weekend again~!! and today is a joyful day….coz…today i m taking a break from my work…

Picture Courtesy of FFFFOUND!

wheee…let’s do some silly dance and relax…XD

…and tomorrow is a day when we salute our dearest mother….^^b

Mummy, you have been working so hard for us…thank you for all that you have done~! 辛苦了…媽媽 我們愛妳喔..q–(^3^)–p

of coz we don’t just love her for this day only, we love her for every day..every moment and every minute…^^v

so please go grab your mother….hold her in your arms…and stare right into her eyes..@.@…and tell her…how much you love her…okiiee?..=D


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