Hansel Birthday/ Opening Party at Mandarin Gallery…

7 Dec

Well, wonder where to go on Friday night and what to do?

Normally I would hang out with love ones to chill out or snug myself on sofa and just stare at TV to empty my head from the numerous things on the to-do list. But last Friday, I dressed up and get myself to the most crowd place in Singapore – Orchard, to attend Hansel birthday/ opening party.

Yes, Hansel has turned 7 this year and found herself a new home at Mandarin Gallery #02-14. \^0^/

Before I have step into the boutique, I have already noticed that it has something different that stands out from the other boutiques and got my attention. Not the crowd that was there to attend the party but its decoration.

Notice that? The decorations in Hansel shop is all hand-drawn. XD From the wall to the ceiling, from the window display to the table placement, Jo even hand drawn some props for the guests to take photos with…how sweet~

Beside the collection “Lily the Lady” that is on the sales floor. Hansel also introduced accessories by various designers that compliments the garments. It is sort of a one-stop boutique where you can get everything to dress yourself up. =D

Well, Christmas is coming…time to shop~!


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