dragon boat festival…

18 Jun

Hey Happy Belated Dragon Boat Festival~!

Hahaha, many of you must be thinking what is wrong with me? What is the issue of “belated” dragon boat festival..it is because…awww I have not eat any rice dumplings even though that the dragon boat festival was 2 days ago. It is not that the they are my favorite food, but it seems like if rice dumpling is not taken, I have not proper “celebrate” the festival. O well, it is just me and don’t mind me. =D

Courtesy of 躲在角落畫圈圈

Since I did not eat any, so I decide to find a picture of it to drool at. And…tadaaaa…”rice” dumplings…XD

I hope all of you have eaten at least one yummy rice dumplings, sweet or salted. Another thing…..IT IS FRIDAY~!! Finally…watching World Cup without worrying about panda eyes in the office next day. XD

Happy Weekend~!!


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