Hong Kong Hong Kong…

25 Jan

I was at Hong Kong from 17 – 21 Jan for its Fall/ Winter 2010 Fashion Week. This is the first time attending, and it was an eye-opener.

There were 5 levels of trade fair that includes shoes, bags, accessories, zips, buttons, children’s wear, ladies’ wear, men’s wear etc.

I had sat through almost every seminars, mostly were trend talks. I like the speakers from WGSN and Peclers Paris, they made me less sleepy compare to the others (oopppss…=p). Hahaha, of course that is not the reason, their information were not just about the up-coming trend but also shared pictures they have taken from everywhere in the world, which I feel that I have traveled around the world as I listen to them.

The last seminar they had was the “Vivienne Westwood Kingdom Decoded”. Hong Kong TDC had invited Vivienne Westwood’s Creative Director which is also her husband, Mr Andrea Kronthaler, and the Marketing and Merchandising Director, Mr Christopher di Pietro to talk about why Vivienne Westwood is successful. They are the label that I wanna look up to. Unique, First in many things, and they Don’t Follow Trend. Most importantly is that Vivienne Westwood is an affordable luxury.

That seminar ends my Hong Kong trip with a perfect circle. Now I am thinking if I should come back for the Spring/ Summer 2011 Fashion Week in July…


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